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Create compelling reasons for your customers to reach you

Marketing & Lead Generation

Breaking through the digital noise and reaching customers in a way that’s fresh, intelligent and engaging – that’s what we do with marketing campaigns at Medology360. Our clients seek us because Google processes over 3.5 billion+ searches every day and connecting to new customers requires more than a website. Connecting to your always-on, mobile-enabled and socially minded customers requires an intelligent platform that provides a personalized, targeted and compelling content to actively find you.

Our formula for getting you there is simple: business strategy + technology innovation + search engine optimization. How we apply the formula is entirely magical. Ask our clients

Innovation = Insights + Passion + Discipline + Perseverance

Innovation Collaboration

Innovation to us are not just “break-throughs”, but making “little things, processes” better, smarter and more meaningful. It is not just about killer apps, platforms and creative delivery models but also involving the “heart strings” of your customers: their expectations, experience and how it feels to their unique use case. This intersection of “humanizing IT”, UX/UI, macro/micro environment analysis and relentless pursuit of the next “better” release is what fuels our team on any client innovation project.

Our motto: “Move fast, fail fast, talk often, adept always, deliver amazingly.”

Remove your blind spots

Business Process Optimization

With disruptions from technology and legislature, many organization had uneven process efficiency through its end to end delivery.We help our clients (e.g., MSO, ACOs)to identify these disconnects and suboptimal spots through meticulous analysis and provide options, roadmaps, planning and implementation for improvements initiatives.

The rare combination of decades long large technology project execution experience, analytics skills and business process reengineering sets us apart when it comes to reconfigure your operation and IT solutions to best serve your organization’s objectives.

We tell you what it means for you, not just send you reports

Comprehensive Business Analytics

In today’s “Big Data” world, you need someone that is obsessed with turning data into actionable insights. From the synthesized data points from social, mobile, web and offline channels, we help you extract strategies and tactics to attract, engage, and retain more profitable segments. In fact, our first engagements with any client usually include an exploratory component to analyze the business objectives and competitive landscape. Remember, data doesn’t make sense unless you ask it the right questions!

It’s not just the lipstick...

Digital Presence Optimization

Today, digital influences about 64 cents of every dollar spent – that’s about $2.2 trillion dollars in 2015. Everyone is going digital. Compare to our peers, our approach is driven by your identity vs. “Best practice” templates that left your brand buried amongst competition. Also, we understand that it takes incremental steps to show you the value before you making the big leap. We’re responsive, flexible and accessible (think face-to-face meetings with dedicated account manager vs. different resource every time you call) during collaboration. We are your brand ambassadors, rather than just your “code monkeys”.

Kid’s curiosity with adult discipline

Solutions Design & Implementation

Whether it’s application redesign, latest app development or data integration, we customize the IT solution to strengthen each client’s competitive advantage. We translate technical speak into business capabilities and maximize values via integrated digital solutions including UX/UI Design, CRM, data architecture, data conversion, security and cloud delivery. We are as drawn to the latest technology as our peers. The difference is our focus on helping the clients to stay on the value of their development projects.

Medology360 provides consulting services to enable digital transformations for healthcare providers in the Southwest region of the United States. We help clients achieve revenue growth, practice reconfiguration/expansion, practice management and financial restructuring.

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