Lead Generation & Management Services – Science & Art

1. No Hype All Data
2. Local Market Strategy
3. Digital Translated
4. Flawlessly Execution
5. All about ROI

Connected. Informed. Searched.Your customers are online searching. And many will not find you because of a poorly designed campaigns and a digital presence that limit conversation, confuse customers and reduce growth. We can fix these issues.

We help our clients create digital campaigns that grow your customer base. We grow our client’s brand, new customers and bottom line growth. With us, we’re pretty straight shooters. We frame our world using black and white data and then add color to that with understanding our client’s strategy, local demographics and growth objectives.

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” or autopilot lead generation strategy. Your marketing campaign will be customized for your local market, configured across marketing channels, brilliantly executed and finally ROI reviewed addictively.

Lead Generation Services
  • SEO

    Search engines are how your customers find you and if your campaign is not on the first page of Google, then it’s time to rethink your strategy.
  • Digital Strategy

    A campaign plan lists out our objectives across the 7 Ps of marketing: product, prices, promotion, place, packaging, positioning and people. Without a campaign strategy, it’s just driving without Google Maps!
    Digital Strategy
  • CRO

    Conversion Rate Optimization is a science-based approach to customer conversion. Getting more visitors and optimizing the amount of visitors that become customers is all about the algorithms we create. With CRO, you get the most visitors that leads to the largest gains in revenue.
  • PPC

    Pay Per Click is making investments with digital advertising that pays off. Based on our strategy, we will set up, manage and optimize campaigns for Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Web Design/ UX Design

    First impressions are important and the look and feel of your website or campaign page heavily influences how your visitors feel about your brand and service offering.
    Web Design/ UX Design
  • Development

    We develop with users in mind and focus on converting visitors into customers. Our goal is to make it easy for your visitors to engage with you digitally and very page will have a purpose – become your customer.
  • Testing & Optimization

    We do a lot of testing, adjusting and stimulating to drive results. Because in the end, it’s really about the revenue and turning your visitors into customers that count.
    Testing & Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

    Social media is exhausting, complicated and fickle. Fortunately, we know how to navigate social media to promote your brand and engage your audience to generate leads and convert into customers.
    Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing

    Fresh, timely, engaging content is what’s required to drive interest, get visitors to fill out a contact form or call you. It needs to be perfectly orchestrated and planned and we know just how to do it.
    Content Marketing
  • Analytics & Insight

    There is a lot of data out there and asking the right questions is the first steps towards getting insights to grow you customer base.
    Analytics & Insight

Customer Sector Specific Offerings

Optimize Existing Business for further growth

  • Financial analysis
  • Budgeting process
  • Analysis
  • Development of operational systems,
  • Establishment of quality assurance programs,
  • Team recruitment, training and educational programs

Launch New Businesses

  • Feasibility studies
  • financial pro forma
  • Business plan development
  • start-up planning
  • Consumer demand analysis
  • Retail and professional product development
  • Growth and expansion plans
  • Staff recruitment, training, incentive package design, credentialing
  • Customer Engagement

Marketing Services

  • Extensive market analysis and research
  • Promotion strategies and plans
  • Market development
  • Product evaluation and positioning
  • Public Relations
  • Technology
    • Web development/maintenance
    • Social media,
    • SEO/SEM management
    • Content creation
Lead Generation and Management
Reporting Business Intelligence

CASE STUDY Launch a New Aesthetic Service Line for Family Medicine

We have helped a concierge practice to successfully launch an aesthetic extension from ground up. The practice is already exceeding its target before its official launch. This is a “turn-key” solution including following scope:

Strategy and
  • Extensive local market competitive analysis
  • Product, service, pricing strategy and design
  • Pro forma analysis to secure funding from banks (Succeeded within one meeting!)
  • Capital expenditure planning and tracking

Resource and
  • Establish operation procedures
  • Recruit, train qualified staff (including incentive plan design)
  • Staff pipeline planning
  • Product inventory
  • Electronic systems to manage Appointment, Billing, Patient Records
  • Monthly cashflow tracking

Digital and Offline Marketing/sales Planning & Execution
  • A customized website that stands out from local competition including content creation
  • SEO strategy, Key words research
  • Online and Offline Promotion Plan
  • Launch events planning and executions
  • Social media promotion

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Medology360 provides consulting services to enable digital transformations for healthcare providers in the Southwest region of the United States. We help clients achieve revenue growth, practice reconfiguration/expansion, practice management and financial restructuring.

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