Our Story

At Medology360, we’ve never lost our curiosity. We’re the one’s asking the tough questions, digging deeper and working harder. We’ve thrived, conquered and earned our stripes from our work with Big 4 Consulting to fortune 500 firms and everything in between.

We’ve been there. We’ve led the big technology transformation projects. We chose to work with more nimble sized clients as the breakthrough innovations come from thinking differently. We believe that deep research, analysis and knowing the local market are integral part of any digital transformation.

We believe in:

  • Being different. Your brand, voice and personality should define your business. We build you the technical foundation to set you apart from competition.
  • Metric Manic. Business not measured is like sailing without compass. Our improvement recommendations are based on timely, curated and results driven metrics.
  • Client Relationships. After decades of developing customer relationship management systems, we take the your trust with your customer to a new, connected and personalized level.
  • Disruption and competition. They say the most effective defense is offense and we agree. We enable our clients to perfect whatever they are disrupting.
  • Failing fast. Failure is part of our formula to learn, adapt and succeed.

We are not the cool kids hanging out in big, open floor plans amped by caffeine. More likely, you will see us in our client offices listening, thinking and collaborating. We go the extra mile to earn your respect, trust and loyalty because digital is a long journey. We believe in hard work and truly appreciate the recognition we get from our clients when they see the quality and thoughtfulness of our work.

Our Cultural DNA:

  • Doing it with passion. We consider ourselves lucky to be part of the digital transformation. We have this incredible profession that allows our passion to become our purpose and our calling. We are truly embrace the creation process when we build something new with our clients.
  • Thinking differently. We are always listening for new way of doing things. When people ask us to “think outside the box,” our instinct is to hunt for the unlikely connections with other “boxes” and get excited about what can happen.
  • Technology translated. Nothing is worse than a missed opportunity. Our clients trust us to break down technology, integration, and data to get to the right answer and drive business value.
  • Talent meets skills. Our teams are organized around the needs of our client engagements required to invent, connect and deliver great projects.
  • Seize the opportunity. We believe that there is never perfect timing to do anything. But if you have inspiration, we have the skills and business insights to deliver.

Medology360 is dedicated to helping healthcare provider community to respond effectively to today’s dynamic legislative, technical and commercial environment.

What we believe in

  • Long term relationship vs. transaction (No “Bait and Switch”)
  • Having fun solving complex problems with best teams budget can cover and the clients motivated to effect material changes.
  • “Going Together” as we would like to go far (vs. “going alone” to go fast).
  • We are with “Kids curiosity” and “Adult’s discipline” when it comes to innovation.

Find out whether we are “good fit”

We tend to work well with clients/partners who describe themselves as at least one of the following:

  • You categorize your organization as nimble and having a bias for action.
  • You are seeking “standing out” in your category or niche via reiterative “run-test-refine” process
  • You are willing to “try anything at least once”.
  • Last but not least, you want to be a “disruptor” in your field.

Our process is simple

Medology360 is your partner to bring meaningful changes to a more effective healthcare delivery system.

Your Ambition

Your customized path

Agile Development

Goal Achieved

Monitor & Refine

Sample client work?

We established a digital presence supporting their specific goals and budget, with a comprehensive roadmap for growth in the next 12 months.
We did competitive analysis and studied patterns of their existing data to understand the blind spots and enhancement opportunities. Based on the new strategy, we built comprehensive tracking system and enhanced brand strength through more engagement tools such as mobile apps facilitating the interactions with their customers, stakeholders under one data container.
Review all their digital assets and the usage data to improve process/data integration and identify/develop unique market leading capabilities, including
• Knowledge portal for internal user adoption of MACRA
• Subgroup branding under the overall branding messages
• Pricing transparency tools
• Streamlining credentialing process to improve revenue cycle management
Consulting Hours Billed
Local Client Contacts
Years of Technology Consulting
Community Hours

Meet the Team

Were based out of Dallas, Texas where they say everything is a little bigger. We believe in developing deep understanding of clients’ needs, not just technology needs and delivering balanced, realistic solutions for our clients with their future needs in mind. Our clients say we are driven, fearless and highly disciplined at what we do in digital. Our diverse team clashes often but our collective talents and experience produces better ideas for our clients.

Dan Ma


Intelligent, compassionate and a killer with numbers, Dan is our fearless leader. Dan left her 16 years at the Big 4 consulting Firms to start Medology360, aiming at making meaningful differences while having fun working on “smaller, but edgier” solutions with teams sharing the same vision. She is a firm believer in “Go together, go further” with clients and partners.

Lim Ko

VP of Finance & Operations

Lim is a veteran in Health Care system operation management. He works with our clients to define, develop and implement solutions that focus on cost efficiencies. Lim boils down operations into three things: people, product and profits.

Kameron Allen Yu

Director of Marketing

Kameron is a “Ball of fire” for business development and marketing. “There is no door she cannot open if she wants to”. She is using her superb communication skills on both our firms and our clients’ business. . Clients love her sensitivity to the latest marketing trend and her tenacity for delivering difficult projects, even when sometimes it feels like “herding the cats”. Her only weakness is beautiful shoes.

John Sanchez

Director of Design

John supports our digital transformation and is focused on design, implementation and business innovation. John reminds us that “you can always look like a rockstar but you need to prove it out with killer design, data and conversion!”

Prasad Singh

Technical Advisor

Prasad architects solutions from web development to app development. He always insists on understanding the break points in the overall design before jumping in coding to minimize rework, sub-optimal, and unscalable data/application design.

Fardin Shenassa

Director of Development

Fardin helps our clients create high-impact custom applications. He is in charge of the day-to-day management of development resources across the globe on multiple projects.

Medology360 provides consulting services to enable digital transformations for healthcare providers in the Southwest region of the United States. We help clients achieve revenue growth, practice reconfiguration/expansion, practice management and financial restructuring.

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